The Garden Route

For those that don’t know, the Garden Route day tour along South Africa’s Southern Coast. The Cape Town Guided Tour takes multiple days. The famous region is known by this name because it’s one of the lushest parts of South Africa. This makes it a very perfect extension tour out of grand Cape Town.

garden Route
Garden Route

The highlights along the famous route include visits to the following areas:

  • The famed Cango Caves
  • Oudtshoorn
  • Knysna town and lagoon
  • Ostrich Farms
  • Plettenberg Bay

Please note, Knysna town and lagoon has been voted as South Africa’s favourite holiday town. Also, Plettenberg Bay has some really exquisite unspoilt beaches. Furthermore, it is famous for its indigenous forests of Tsitsikamma.

Day 1 Tour

On the first day of the tour, we will depart from Cape Town and go to Oudtshoorn via route 66, we go through the mountainous Little Karoo where you will be in awe at the geological fold mountain formations. We will also get to visit an ostrich farm. If you fancy, you may actually ride an ostrich.

Day 2 Tour

While in Oudtshoorn, we will head over to The Cango Caves. There, we will explore some of South Africa’s, in fact the world’s most impressive caves. Impressively enough, the first set of large chambers extends into the Swartberg Mountains. Unbelievably, they stretch for almost one kilometre.

Next, we make our way to the Qutenique Mountains. This is towards Knysna. There, you will be welcomed with a cool Indian breeze.

Finally, we end the fun-filled, adventurous day with a lovely cruise on the Knysna Lagoon. You will get to see the very famous Knysna Heads while in the boat. The Knysna Heads are 2 opposing rock outcrops. These are the ones that guard the entrance to the lagoon like two sentinels.

Day 3 Tour

On the third day of the tour, we make our way to the Featherbed Nature Reserve. While there, we will get to visit one of the country’s most impressive coastal formations. In fact, we will explore the western headland from within the nature reserve. You can also expect to see the Knysna Loerie, as well as the smallest African antelope.

Day 4 Tour

On the last day of the visit, we will get to go to the Tsitsikamma Forest. This area is renowned for its indigenous hardwood trees. These were actually harvested once and exported to make furniture of very high quality.

We will also get to visit the Storms River mouth. There you will get to see and admire the very magnificent panorama that’s been created there. Furthermore, you will have the chance to explore the natural beauty of the protected indigenous forest area. This forest area meets a protected stretch of coastline.

To conclude the exciting tour of the Garden Route, you can choose to return overland to Cape Town or the local airport which is Port Elizabeth or George.

To excite you further, the Garden Route has many other exciting activities that you can add to your tour, which include:

  • The World of Birds & Monkeyland
  • The Knysna Elephant Park
  • The Treetop Canopy Cable Excursions
  • The Ocean Safari (Whales and Dolphins)

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